What Makes the Craft Challenge So Addictive?

Craft Challenge 2017

What is the Craft Challenge Anyway?

The Craft Challenge was started by Emily over at A Pop of Red as a way to bust her stash of crafting supplies. Organized as a blog hop, the challenge helps craft bloggers to use items from their craft stash to create new things. The added challenge is that blogger participants must also create a tutorial for other people to recreate their crafty creation using their own craft stash or new supplies. Tutorials go live on the last Monday of the month, and visitors can hop from one blog post to the next for new crafty ideas.

Why Did I Decide to Join the Craft Challenge in 2017?

I decided to join the Craft Challenge in 2017, because I knew I had one heck of a craft stash. My office is bursting with craft supplies that I have accumulated over the years. Over the last six years I have been very busy with post-secondary education, and I have fallen prey to the oooh, I could totally make that, buy the supplies, then half finish or never start the project. If you’ve been there too, you totally understand where I’m coming from! I decided that 2017 would be the year to bust my craft stash, and when the opportunity came to do it in a fun way that helps other people too, I knew it was something I had to be involved in! So, now I’m creating 12 awesome tutorials and rolling them out on the last Monday of each month. I hope you enjoy my tutorials!

What I’m Looking Forward to in this Year’s Craft Challenge

I am really looking forward to using up supplies that I have on hand. Figuring out different ways to use up ribbon, trims, embellishments and a whole host of stamp sets and paper is fun and relaxing. I hope to design things that other people want to use or make, it’s the reason why I love being a paper crafter! My head is full of ideas, and it’s going to be fun figuring out how to bring those designs to life in a way that’s easy for others to duplicate on their own.

Who is Participating in Craft Challenge 2017?

There are a total of eight (8) bloggers in this year’s Craft Challenge, including me. To get acquainted with the eight craft bloggers, let’s take a closer look at who they are and what they blog about.

Craft Challenge Participant Social StampersVanessa Shepherd – Social Stampers (that’s me!)

Hi! I blog about paper crafting, stamping, scrapbooking and die cutting. I’m a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and I’ve been crafting my entire life. My friends say I’m a mini Martha Stewart, and I think that’s pretty accurate. I help busy women go from Pinerest to possible – if you have an idea, I can help bring it to life!


Emily – A Pop of Red

Emily runs A Pop of Red, a blog dedicated to her experiments with making things, whether they are crafts, food and recipe related or other DIY projects. The Craft Challenge was started by Emily, which was a pretty cool extension of her desire to see other people experiment and try to DIY things in their own way. Emily’s favourite colour is red, and she’s a fellow Canadian from Ontario.


Mary – Sew Much Love, Mary

Mary blogs about sewing, style, fashion and weaves in a touch of her personal values and passions. If you love to sew, refashion or repurpose things using fabric, Mary’s blog is sure to give you a few great ideas! Mary’s favourite colour is pink, and she’s a huge fan of sparkles, yorkies and her faith.


Megan – Make Something Mondays

Megan is a creative person and a graphic designer by trade. She blogs about art and design, offering tutorials to help teach others how to draw and design things. Having won awards for her creativity inspired blog, Megan’s posts are sure to inspire your creative spirit.


Carin – Eclectic Soapbox

Carin blogs about all sorts of interesting things. Seriously, her blog category titles include creative stuff, delicious stuff, and she’s sure to include a few personal tales along the way. If you have a playful spirit you’re sure to enjoy Carin’s blog!


Heather – Shiftmama

Heather is a school program coordinator for  a Canadian Health focused charity and an active community volunteer who loves to help kids get outside and get active!  Hailing from Kelowna, BC, Canada, her blog posts cover all the categories of busy family life. And yes, you guessed it, she has a crafting category…or if you want more recipe inspiration, check out that one too!


Martha – The Art in Martha

Martha is a creative blogger who blogs about a little bit of everything. Her blog categories cover DIY, crafts, sewing, Silhouette CAMEO projects, stuff for the kids, tutorials, and even some parenting tips from a creative perspective. Her tutorials are crazy detailed, but that helps other people like you go from Pinterest to possible too (which I think is super cool!).


Jemma – Thimble and Twig

 Jemma blogs about her love of making things, and her family life in southeast London. She offers up crafting for grown-ups and for kids, which is pretty perfect when you want both kinds of ideas!! Thimble and Twig is also another place you’ll find recipes and DIY creations, go check it out!



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