Why I Chose to do a Wedding and Crafting Mashup

It’s no secret that I do a lot of custom work for weddings alongside the work I do to create fun stamping workshops and tutorials, greeting cards, gifts and decor. I’ve been doing this type of work for as long as I can remember – seriously! My first wedding work memory was putting together wedding favours as a child (I was about 5 years old and as crafty and eager to learn as I am today). It was just what you did in my hometown, everyone pitched in to help put on a wedding, and in my big family and the small town we lived in it felt like there were a LOT of weddings over the years.

Wedding Cake

After a few years of helping out, and my skills improving, people would ask for me to help with a wedding task that involved getting creative and crafty. From there it grew into a side-gig and evolved from being just weddings and handicrafts to weddings, photography and more. That’s how the Social Stampers you know today came to be, and how I wound up getting called a mini Martha Stewart by friends and family alike.

I’ve always been an avid learner, and making things is in my bones. I’ve spent a lot of years learning how to DIY from my grandma, my mom, my aunts, my dad and even my husband has taught me a thing or two. The cool part is that I kept up with being crafty and a lot of the people I’ve learned from let it fade away, so the student has become the “master” as they like to say. There’s something cool about sharing how to make stuff, plan events, and turn ideas into real life things. It builds community, and brings people closer together, and I love that aspect most of all!

Wedding Table

So, at times when you might feel a little confused at why I have this blend of artisan designed goods and wedding stuff on my website and social media feeds, think back to my story. It’s who I am, and what I love to do. I’ve aimed to make it simple to find what you’re most interested in by using categories across the different areas of my blog and online shop. Feel free to click through to what you’re interested in and bypass what you’re not! I hope that I can help your passions to shine by connecting you with ideas and inspiration to make your project or gift ideas come to life.

Until next time,

XO Vanessa

Why I chose to mesh wedding design and handmade goods in my business



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