let's get your

Social Life on Point

balance is huge in living your best life

with a little help, you can reclaim your time

But who has the time???

Do you struggle with any of the following?

- No clue how you can make Pinterest worthy projects 

- Feeling that you have no time for yourself

- Scrambling at the last minute to figure out cards and gifts for birthdays. weddings and all of life's celebrations

So you can spend it on what matters most, like:

- Working on creative projects because you want to

- Taking a much needed break to relax and find work-life balance again

- Planning events that you can feel proud to share all over social media and with your friends and family


Krista Frattin uses her monthly classes to have a little downtime, while she gets ahead of upcoming birthdays and holidays. She's turned a hobby into a side-hustle that allows her to spend more time with her family doing what they love. 

Lauren Urbonas' creations are coordinated thanks to Stampin' Up!  products and she also turned her hobby into a successful side-hustle that allows her to attend exclusive events and travel the world!

MONTHLY classes that HELP YOU TO GET ahead of all the holidays, so you can RECLAIM YOUR TIME AND SPEND IT DOING WHAT YOU realy want to do. 

Craft classes, gorgeous handmade goods & an invite to join my team!

Their stories could be your story, too.

here's what you get with your new

crafting instructor and team leader

so you can have a clean, organized Pinterest profile that makes it easy for your dreamies to find what they are looking for in no time flat. 

so you can quit manual pinning and get set up with a scheduling tool that helps promote your best pins, so you can connect with your dreamy audience. 

so you can have quality visual content that converts viewers into customers. 

so you can quit wondering and learn exactly how your target audience is interacting with you and what they are most interested in..

PLUS, you’ll also get access to your Pinterest manager via email, so you can ask questions and get support taking your online visibility to the next level 

Attend a class

order craft supplies

order products

start a crafting business

support & community

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Attend a class or a team meeting, or just sit back and wait for your order to arrive!


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Each kit comes with everything you need to complete an entire project: supplies, stamp set, ink and adhesive. 

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Paper pumpkin kits

Stampin' Up! has complete craft kits available in every catalogue. Some kits come with most of the supplies, while others come with everything you need to start and finish an entire project. 

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