Halloween Treat Workshop

I held a workshop yesterday dedicated to sweet treats and Halloween trick or treater preparations. We made two types of treat packaging for trick or treaters to enjoy using Paper Pumpkin kits I had lying around my workspace. It was really fun to figure out how to make the kits go together and to share some laughs over our trial and error process! Just goes to show that even when you have all the materials ready to go and a full set of instructions, sometimes you need to try and try again to get a project to go the way you want it to.

Here’s a look at one of the kits we made – Wickedly Sweet Treats:

Wickedly Sweet Treats Stamp Set

This kit was featured as a Paper Pumpkin monthly kit back in September 2015 and came with enough supplies to make eight treat bags (Note: as of the time of this post Paper Pumpkin subscribers can still purchase this kit here.) I like the nod to witches’ brooms in this kit, and found that they would also be perfect for Thanksgiving treats or decorations if you used the fall imagery in the included photopolymer stamp set rather than the Halloween imagery. We found that assembling these was a touch tricky at first, but soon discovered how to make them look similar to the instructions:

  • When attaching the longer kraft bag fringe lay it down on the table, adhesive side up. Line up a corner of the bag with the folded corner of the fringe; glue down, then work around the entire bag until all the fringe is attached and meets up at the last corner
  • Make sure the bag is full of treats (or filler if using as décor), so they puff up for the full, rounded effect
  • An alternate to filling the bags full is to fill them half full, then blow in the bag gently to help soften the kraft paper and give it a puffed effect
  • Curl the paper bag ends as you would ribbon, do each piece one or two at a time for the ultimate curl
  • Tie the raffia and the twine tight, so that the bag and the “broom” ends stay puffy and hold their shape (we tied the raffia first, then added the twine with the tags after). If you look at the image below – the “broom” on the right with the pumpkin tag is not puffy, but the left ones are puffy.


The kit came with enough supplies for 8 treat bags:

  • Wickedly Sweet Treat Photopolymer Stamp Set
  • Cajun Craze Classic Stampin’ Spot
  • 8 kraft bags
  • 8 kraft fringe wrap pieces
  • 8 paper straws
  • 1 sheet of striped tags
  • 2 sheets of white tags
  • 8 white support pieces
  • 8 pieces of orange baker’s twine (18″ ea.)
  • 8 pieces of raffia (18″ ea.)

Here’s a close up of the photopolymer stamp set that came with the kit:


Here’s the color combination in this kit:

Wickedly Sweet Treats Kit Colors

The second set of treat packages we made used another retired Paper Pumpkin kit featuring burlap sacks. Here’s a peek at our creations using the kit:


With fall and Halloween right around the corner I’d love to hear about your plans for treats, decorations and other festive creations!

Ciao for now!


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